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Games of the Week: Mr Platformer, Videoverse, and TEST TEST TEST

Look, I know we're trapped in the AAA game deluge where multiple 30+ hour games are released every week. So what if I filled your plate up with a deluge of indie games. Sounds compelling, right?

Mr Platformer

It's not every day you get a new game by Terry Cavanagh, but the creator of VVVVVV is back and has blessed us with his newest creation. Mr Platformer may not be creatively titled, but don't let that trick you into thinking this is anything less than a masterpiece. Mr Platformer's spartan page claims that the game features running, jumping, and swimming and I can confirm that they're all present. Now, I'd suggest you stop reading here and go play Mr Platformer but if you're interested in some vague spoilers, keep going.

Still here? Ok, so Mr Platformer has some STUFF going on in it and while I'm really hesitant to say too much more. While Mr Platformer can run, jump, and swim, he can do a little more if you go exploring through the world.

If you're interested in re-learning why Terry Cavanagh endures as one of the greats, you don't have to look further than Mr Platformer.


It may seem hard to believe, but there was a time when social media was fun. It wasn't just a place to get yelled at by randos, it was a place to connect with strangers over your shared interests. This far off land is where Videoverse sets itself. As you take the shoes of Emmett, a game fan-turned-artist you can steer his fate through his interaction with technology. As young Emmett figures themselves out they're constantly in connection to both fan forums for their favorite RPG, and instant messaging with their pals. Now this setup feels like it could veer too far into either naval gazing or into historical revisionism, but Kinmoku threads the needle with a deep sense of care for both the characters of Videoverse and the real life era they're aping.

You could be convinced that a smartly human take on a recent era that nails what it sets out to do is the best part of the game, but you'd be mistaken. As it turns out Kinmoku is also capable of producing a tonally perfect art style that evokes 90s and 2000s anime without being cheesy. While the writing is an absolute treat I was constantly impressed (read:distracted) by how expressive and thematically perfect the visual design was.

Videoverse is a thoughtful look back at an era we've left and one I recommend completely.


Every time a new Mojiken game drops I become increasingly shocked that they haven't received the notoriety that they deserve. This is my way of helping rectify this. Mojiken have already established themselves as masters of telling heartfelt and otherworldly stories but to my knowledge TEST TEST TEST is the first time they've manage to make a game that's this interestingly unsettling.

This short adventure sets the player in charge of testing new software for the ominously named Triquetra Consulting Firm that promises to "unlock human potential." Surely there's no way this goes wrong, right? Well, when it does inevitably go wrong (spoilers!) you're treated to storytelling both in testing and in the broader office. It's a familiar but expertly executed setup that's a delight to discover.

As is the theme of the recommendations today: I won't say more to preserve what makes TTT special.

What have you been playing? Let us know in the comments below!

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I feel the same way about Mojiken. So many great games with beautiful art to the nines. 

Very cool!

Thanks for recommending VIDEOVERSE!

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