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This jam runs parallel with Otome Jam.

Welcome to the Josei Jam, a sister game jam to Otome Jam that focuses on a wider range of games that are meant for women. Josei is a Japanese term used to describe media targeted at adult women. While Otome Jam is focused on romance games that include a female lead and male love interest(s), Josei Jam allows:

  • romance games like boys or girls love
  • non-romance games

Basically, if your game is intended to be for a female audience, then your game fits!

What is accepted?

  • 18+ games
  • Commercial and free games
  • Games with romance and games without romance
  • Visual novels, RPGs, point-and-click games, and more
  • Games previously started on and new projects just for the jam

What isn't accepted?

  • Games that aren't targeted at female audiences
  • Games that aren't tagged as josei
  • Games that do not have screenshots on the page
  • Games that were 95% complete before the jam started
  • Any project using AI tools where the sourced materials were scraped without consent

Josei Jam runs concurrently with Otome Jam for people who enjoy Otome Jam but want to make projects for a broader scope of otome-esque games. Check out last year's entries here.

List of Resources

Developer Communities

Discord Servers

Otome Development - The Host Server

DevTalk - A general visual novel development server and our collaborator for Meet and Greets on [April 6th, 2PM EST] and [April 20th, 8AM EST].

Boys Love Development - Our sister server for games that include a male protagonist and male love interests 


VN Dev Wiki - An ongoing wiki project that has a wide collection of resources, guides, and more specifically for visual novel development

Lemmasoft Forums - A Forum filled with indie VN developers and enthusiasts. Big source of coding and assets.

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