Submissions open from 2024-10-16 21:00:00 to 2024-10-23 21:00:00
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🚨 ⚠️ WARNING βš οΈ 🚨

Do not start work on your game before the submission period begins or it will not be accepted.


Once a year, in the late witching hours of the fading October, an eerie occurrence plagues Out of nowhere they spring: the monsters, the creeps, the anomalies, the harbingers of terror. All in unison, together to witness the congregation of those that celebrate the annual Scream Jam. The only way to survive is to face the terror, embrace the dread, and most importantly, have fun!   

NOTE: If this jam appeals to you but would also like to enter a jam which is less far into the future, you can try out our February jam, SCREAM TV!


SCREAM JAMs are horror-themed game jams, made to encourage both beginner and experienced game developers to get spooky! From straight-up scares, to interactive fiction and role-playing games, we encourage all creators to try making something spooky / sp00py in these annual Halloween game jams!

SCREAM JAMs have no particular theme! Across the year, SCREAM ZONE hosts other game jams which are often based upon an optional theme or season, but SCREAM JAMs are intentionally open-ended.


You can join our friendly and welcoming community of game developers on Discord.

πŸ’€ RULES πŸ’€


What is the theme for this jam? This jam has no theme, but is vaguely horror-related. Whether you take this in a serious direction or a goofy one, there are no rules here. You can even choose not to make a scary game - we just want people making games!
Can I submit a game I started before the jam, or made for another jam? Submissions for the jam should be original. Most of the game should be created during the jam.

Games made specifically for the jam are preferred, but other games are accepted if they comply with the rules of the jam and timeframe.
Can I include code or assets I worked on before the jam started? Planning before the jam is fine, and you are welcome to reuse some assets and code from previous projects, but it is something you should limit.

In the spirit of participating in a game jam, you should keep most of your development during the jam period to get the most out of it!
Can I use assets created by someone else? If you have permission to use assets, or bought them, you are free to use them as you like! Remember to provide credit for the assets you use if the creator has asked for it.
Does my game have to use a specific engine or comply with any technical restrictions? Nope! Your game can be developed using any engine, as long as your game can be played via the browser and/or on all desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux).

Engines which we recommend include Godot, GDevelop, GameMaker, PICO-8, and RenPy. Many teams will also use Unity and Unreal Engine.

NOTE: Exports of Unreal Engine games will often balloon past the 1GB limit imposed by With this in mind, we do not recommend the use of Unreal Engine. If you decide to use it, please ensure that your games are stripped of unnecessary assets.
Can I work on multiple games? So long as each game was started during the jam period, you are welcome to submit more than one game to the jam.

Collaborating with other jammers is encouraged too. Make sure not to overwork yourself!

Submission Period

Can I submit a game I haven’t finished to the jam? No stress! Unfinished or buggy games are absolutely accepted. No submission is perfect!
Can I submit a game that includes adult, gory, or other offensive stuff in it? Games with mature content are accepted when flagged. For disturbing or inappropriate content, we ask that jammers use common sense and flag this on the game page.

We reserve the right to remove any games that are not appropriate or flagged correctly, so please reach out if you have any doubts.

Voting Period

I found bugs or issues after the jam ended. Can I change the submission? New uploads for the submission will be open for two days after the end of the jam to make bug fixes. Uploads are closed after this time to ensure that submitters finish development at the end of the jam.
How do I vote on submissions for the jam? Contributors to the jam can vote on submissions once the jam has closed.
What are the voting categories? There are five general voting categories: Enjoyment (Best Game), Horror, Aesthetics, Story, Sound Design. These are voted on by jam participants. There is also a private Ghosts' Choice for the hosts to identify games that were especially innovative or unique!