Submissions open from 2024-05-10 15:00:00 to 2024-05-20 15:00:00
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Welcome to Bullet Hell Jam 5

The fifth annual Bullet Hell Jam is your stage to create and share your ultimate bullet spectacle, you've got 10 days to cram as many bullets/projectiles into a small game as you can.

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  1. Bullet Hell: Center your game's core gameplay around a relentless storm of bullets.
  2. 10 days to create the chaos: The majority of your game MUST be forged within the jam's timeframe.
  3. Team up or go solo: No squad's too big, but remember, giant teams are a logistical nightmare. We recommend teams of 4 or less.
  4. Windows or WebGL please! Other platforms? Extra credit, my friend.
  5. English is your primary ammo: Translations are good, but English is required.
  6. NSFW? Throw up those warning flares! Make sure you mark your game as NSFW, ideally in the game title using [NSFW] or in the thumbnail, so it is clear for all players.
  7. Using AI? Let us know. This is a creative challenge, so we would like to strongly discourage it, but if you want to use it - add it to the game's description. You'll be asked about this when submitting the jam, we'll be checking. Need more clarification? See this post for more info and come chat about it if you want, either reply to that post or JOIN US ON DISCORD

Rate & Be Rated

Ratings will be based on:

  1. Fun: Did your game leave us begging for more?
  2. Visuals: Does it burn itself into our retinas with awesomeness?
  3. Audio: Is the soundtrack a symphony of destruction?
  4. Theme: Did you turn the theme into pure twisted genius?
  5. Overall: The final verdict on your game's mind-blowing greatness.


Q: Engine restrictions?

A: Bring your favorite weapon! Any engine will do, but it must be a standalone windows or web build, without requiring players to download other software. No mods, or Roblox/Dreams/etc games please!

Q: Define "bullet hell"

A: If your game features a bunch of projectiles, you're in the right zone.

Q: Can I use pre-made assets?

A: Absolutely! General-purpose assets (think movement scripts, etc.) are fair game as long as the majority of the game is made during the jam. Just remember: own the rights, disclose your sources, and credit everything.

Q: My brain's glitching, need help!

A: Hit us up on the Discord server or the community tab here on – we've got your back.

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