Submissions open from 2024-05-17 18:00:00 to 2024-05-26 19:00:00
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This event will give you 9 days to create games using GDevelop, the free and open-source game engine. Once the submission period is over, your game will get rated by other participants, and you will also get to rate other games. 

The GDevelop Game Jam will be a fun, diverse, and inclusive event in which you'll get to put your skills to the test. There will be participants from all over the world, and you will have the opportunity to chat with other developers, discuss each other's games and of course, create a game from start to finish! 

You need to register for the event right here on in order to participate. Please also join our Discord server for all informations and notifications regarding the jam, and to meet the other participants. 

Whether you finish your game or not, you'll have an amazing experience, learn tons and meet cool people from around the world!

**To be announced at the start of the jam**

Here are the rules for participating in this event:

  • You must use the GDevelop game engine to make your game. The engine is free and open-source. You can find it on our official website.
  • The games must not include offensive, discriminatory, or NSFW content of any kind. This is an event for anyone and everyone! So don’t be rude. 
  • Games must be submitted through for rating as well as (see videos below for instructions).
  • Games must be published to be played on browsers (bonus thumbs up for mobile compatibility!), without requiring extra hardware.
  • Any text must be in English.
  • You may team up! And we encourage it. You can find teammates on our Discord server. The maximum number of team members allowed is 4. 
  • The game itself must be made within the jam time period, and you may not submit any work or updates during the community voting period, nor during the judges' voting period.(Three days after community voting ends)
  • You may use pre-made, publicly available, and purchased assets, as well as GDevelop's built-in asset library, or other assets you have the legal rights to use. Just remember to credit properly. 
  • You can use pre-existing code, extensions, functions. But do not write code specifically for this jam, ahead of time.
Example cases for pre-existing code use

Acceptable use of pre-existing code:
-Reuse of UI
-Reuse of private extensions
-Reuse of short snippets of events (Juice effects, for example)

Not acceptable use of pre-existing code:
-Reuse of an existing project with changed art assets
-Reuse of an existing project with minimal changes
-Submission of a project worked on prior to the jam (We can check)

Creating games with other people is a fantastic experience and is also very helpful to reach the end of the jam with a finished game, so do think about teaming up if you haven't. And if you're new to making games, we've created a page to help with Best practices and How to Make a Good Game: 5 Tips & Mistakes to Avoid.

If a game is not published on and (see video below for instructions), participation in the jam will be considered invalid.

All games will be rated in the following categories:

  • Fun & Game Design: Do you want to continue playing? How enjoyable is the game? Is the interface usable? (Mobiles compatibility is encouraged, but not mandatory.)
  • Audio: How nice does the game sound? Does it implement cool music and sound effects?
  • Graphics: How nice does the game look? Is the art nice to look at?
  • Originality & Innovation: How often did you say "Wow! That's unexpected and clever" when playing?
  • Theme: How relevant is the game to the jam's theme?

Don’t worry about this too much, though. The most important thing is that you participate, have fun, and stick to the jam’s theme! Once the submission period is closed, you will have one week to rate other people’s games.

We'll look at the community's highest rated games to decide the winner - though if there is a hidden gem in the rest, we might pick it to be in our winner list!

The 10 games with the highest overall scores will be declared Community Winners.
All developers involved in creating these games will get the opportunity to be considered for the Judges’ Awards.

Community Winners

Teams behind the top 10 community voted games will be given 1000 in-engine credits to distributed among their team, and each team member will receive a special gamejam winner discord role.

The Judges’ Awards

All 5 games picked for the Judges’ Awards will be features on for 7 days, each team member will be given the special gamejam winner discord role, and each team lead will be given the following prizes to divide among their participants.

1st Place:

  • Published and featured on CrazyGames
  • CrazyGames physical goodie bag 
  • $50 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools bundle 
  • Spine License
  • $50 cash
  • 5000 in-engine credits

2nd Place:

  • $25 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $25 cash
  • 4000 in-engine credits

3rd Place:

  • $15 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • FX Tools Bundle
  • $10 cash
  • 2000 in-engine credits

4th Place:

  • $10 Fanatical voucher
  • A copy of Aseprite
  • 2000 in-engine credits

5th place prize:

  • 2000 in-engine credits

This jam is sponsored in part by CrazyGames, Fanatical, Aseprite, CodeManu, and Spine!

CrazyGames is a website with a variety of awesome free online games playable directly in your browser!

Fanaticalis the go-to place to buy PC games and software at great prices, including our very own Easy No-Code Game Design Bundle.

Aseprite is a pixel art and animation software used for creating and editing pixel-based images and animations.

CodeManu is the developer of useful tools like Pixel FX designer and JuiceFX.

Spine is a 2D animation software primarily used to create skeletal animations for video games.

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Payment Details

If a game made by a team of developers is picked for a Judges' Award, the prize will be given to the developer who submitted the game, and they will be responsible for splitting the prize among their team.


- Do we need to make the game playable on &

Yes, you need to upload your game to for scoring to take place, and we also ask everyone to publish on (as this is the recommended place for GDevelop games and get feedback from the community in the future). Publishing on and is a requirement for this jam. Note, you can add the genre "Game-jam-4" when you export your game on to retreive it on the Game Jams categorie! 

- How long will we have the Winner role on Discord for?

You'll get "latest jam winner" for a few weeks and then "Past jam(s) winner" for life!

How to Submit a Game?